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Electronic Mail Setup

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To setup email you need one of the following programs on your computer. One of the Microsoft products is probably on your system already. On Windows 98 or newer Windows 95 systems you should have Outlook Express. Older Windows 95 systems should have Internet Mail. Just look under Start and Programs to see which you one you have.  If you have neither use the downloadable Eudora below or just try Web Mail   and setup email later.  While Outlook Express is preferred, try to avoid Outlook or Exchange as they are bigger, so complicated and prone to breaking that we cannot help you with them.

Mail purge: Mail is normally deleted immediately off our server when you access your mailbox from your PC. Undeleted mail is automatically purged from our servers after   20 days. Webmail therefore has a max life of 20 days.

  • Web Mail - This is the simplest possible email and is useable anywhere with no setup!!!  Your email in Webmail disappears after a maximum of 20 days or if you download your mail onto your computer with another email program.
    Webmail is primarily used by beginners and travelers.
    It is also great for deleting a huge email you don't want to download to your PC.

  • Microsoft Outlook Express setup

  • Netscape Communicator 4 E-mail setup

  • Multiple Mailboxes Setting up additional mailboxes is different in each email program.

  • Microsoft Outlook setup We try to steer people away from Outlook towards Outlook Express whenever possible because Outlook Express has all the email funtionality but is much simplier to setup. However if you need all the Calendars etc.the newest versions (2000) seem to now be pretty stable.

  • Vmail setup Business accounts using our Vmail server check here for special Vmail setup instructions.

Outlook Express Tutorials

There are lots of email tutorials available on the web and even more books at your local bookstore.  Just go to Yahoo and search for "Outlook Express Tutorial" or any other tutorial you desire. Here are a couple of suggestions.


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