Vmail Server Setup

What is Vmail?

A mail server, Vmail or regular, only applies if you own your own domain name and want us to host email for you.

Virtual mail domain hosting is an arrangement by which we provide email
services for a domain without the need to set up and maintain separate
servers on our end (the fact that it uses fewer resources on our end is
what makes it a bit less expensive $5/mo.). As with our normal email service $10/mo., you
have the option for each address to have the email forwarded to other
addresses.  We recommend Vmail for all business with 20 or less email addresses.

The only trade-off is that the setup of the email clients (assuming you
don't want the mail forwarded) is a bit different in terms of the POP3 and
SMTP server information, but once that is set up, there are no operational
differences. Hence, this $5/month option has been a no-brainer choice vs.
the $10/month service for most businesses.


How Do I Setup an email Account to a Vmail pop server?

The incoming Pop server name is always usfamily.net (it would normally be your domain name)

The outoging SMTP server name is always usfamily.net (it would normally be your domain name)

The "Logon using Account Name" is the entire email address.  e.g. info@yourcompany.com

Thats it.

Special Instructions for Eudora

Eudora doesn't have a field for incoming pop server. It assumes the email domain is the pop server. 
To solve this enter the SMTP account as usfamily.net.
Enter the entire email address plus @usfamily.net  in the pop account name replacing the 1st @ with a +.
e.g.  enter the mailbox  info@yourcompany.com as info+yourcompany.com@usfamily.net