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"When I found out how expensive Cable Internet access was, I was really disappointed . . . SurfXccelerator breathes new life into my Internet experience. Web surfing seems so much faster, it's hard to believe it's still 56K!"

Update: SurfXcelerator now powered by Propel!
As of 02/01/2010, the latest version of SurfXccelerator is powered by Propel software. All new users signing up will receive the latest version of our software.

Existing SurfX users, click here to download the latest version of our software.

What is SurfXccelerator  

SurfXccelerator speeds up your Internet experience, by up to five times, using your existing dial-up phone line and modem. No extra equipment is needed! SurfXccelerator allows you to surf at near cable Internet speed, making SurfXccelerator the high-speed Internet solution with the affordability of dialup. It is easy to install, runs seamlessly and doesn’t alter any of your existing software. Download now! Click Here
SurfXccelerator is only available for Windows or Mac 10.2 and above.


How does SurfXccelerator work?

With traditional dial-up methods, the text and graphics that make up web pages get sent from the server to you over your phone line as individual network connections. Because of the large amount of data required to be sent and the number of network connections that must be maintained, this process can be painfully slow. SurfXccelerator compresses this data using a proprietary technology, and sends it over your existing dial-up phone line using a single network connection. This compression process allows a smaller amount data to be sent – up to five times less – making the download time of your web pages and your online experience that much faster. 
You may notice some reduction in image quality, as part of the reason for the increase in surfing speed is due to additional image compression. However, in situations where that matters, you can simply right-click and view the original image and/or adjust the default image quality settings to meet your needs.  SurfXccelerator does not compress streaming media, secure web pages, downloads or e-mail. As an added download time reducer, SurfXccelerator stores elements of the web sites you visit frequently eliminating the need to re-download them every time you visit these sites.

SurfXccelerator Pop-Up Blocker

SurfXccelerator Includes a free Pop-Up blocker to stop annoying Pop-Up ads. Other features include logging and white-listing.   This is a must have for the serious web surfer!

What do I need to use SurfXccelerator?

SurfXccelerator uses your dial-up Internet connection. If your computer meets the minimum requirements listed below, you are ready to begin enjoying a faster Internet experience!

Minimum system requirements:

· Internet Explorer 5+*
· Windows 98+ or Macintosh 10.2+ (Linux not supported)
· Available Disk Space needed: 25 MB
· Total System memory (RAM): 32 MB

* Netscape 4.7, Mozilla and Opera may work, additional configuration necessary

What is Xccelerated?

· Web Surfing

· Images

· Text

· Html

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