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Download SurfXccelerator (powered by Propel)

Are you ready to Xccelerate your dial-up Internet connection? The possibilities are endless! SurfXccelerator is free for one month, and costs only an additional $3 per month over our normal dial-up prices thereafter!
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SurfXccelerator is now available for Macintosh 10.2 or higher.
SurfXccelerator is not available for Linux.

Download Details
Available Disk Space needed: 25 MB
Total System memory (RAM): 32 MB
File size: 1.7 MB
Approximate download and set up time: 5 to 10 minutes

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Please enter the information requested below and click the 'Download' button. SurfXccelerator (powered by Propel) will then begin downloading. Choose the option to open the file, when prompted. Enter your USFamily.Net username and password when prompted for login information during the SurfXccelerator (powered by Propel) installation process.

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For additional help call us at 763-521-0401 or 1-800-300-4256

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Welcome to USFamily.Net! You may sign up for SurfXccelerator as a Stand Alone product, or you may bundle it together with a USFamily.Net dial-up account.  Please choose which you would like to do below: