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Services and Rates

  • Our exclusive (patent pending) priority system (available only in our core cities) is the best possible and cheapest way to receive Internet service.  With our priority system you can receive unlimited Internet usage but not pay to subsidize users with much heavier usage patterns like other services where the 10% of heavy users can cause busy signals.  Our national service uses Industry standard Internet technology so there is a 150 hour limit per month and busy signals are infrequent but not impossible.

Unlimited Dial-Up Internet Access

Subscription Pricing Options

FREE Trial Month
FREE Live Telephone Support
FREE E-mail SPAM Filter
FREE E-mail Address
FREE Instant Messaging

No busy signals due to our Pateted Priority System**
Unlimited E-mail Usage (with USFamily.Net tagline)

Internet access available from one workstation (computer) at one location

Annual Prepayment
One Payment of $107.88 (only $8.99 per month)
No Annual Administration Fees

Semi-Annual Prepayment
One Payment of $59.94 (only $9.99 per month)
$10 Administration Fee*

Monthly Prepayment
One payment monthly (only $12.99 per month)
$10 Administration Fee*

Optional Feature Upgrades

Optional Feature Pricing

Enhances the speed of your Dial-Up Connection
Surf up to 5X faster than regular dial-up
No additional equipment or software

Only $3.00 per month

E-mail Only Account
Even if you have Internet Access through an alternative provider (i.e. cable, DSL, business, etc.) you can still have ALL of the advantages of USFamily.Net e-mail and advanced SPAM filtering.

Only $2.00 per month

Vanity E-mail Account - Free Domain
Yes any available domain name Free! Why not have your own domain name Free!!! or Your requested domain name must be available but you can have any available name you like ending with the common extensions. (com, org, net, us) Unlimited Email with advanced SPAM filtering
Vanity E-mail accounts have an annual 12 month contract with the option to purchase domain name if you ever want to move it.
We also have optional web hosting $8.99/mo personal non-profit, business see below
Any Additional mailboxes are only $1/mo.

Only $2.69 per month

Two City Internet Access
Need Internet Access from home and a second location, like a cabin or summer home? With our Two-City plan, you can get all the benefits of our Unlimited Dial-Up from two locations
Click Here to see a list of available access cities.

Only $3.00 per month

Professional Dial-Up Access
If you use the Internet near constantly, you should consider this semi-dedicated access option to avoid peak period service interruptions. Our Professional Access plan includes
Unlimited Internet Access in MN
Up to 5 e-mail addresses
Unlimited e-mail usage (USFamily.Net tagline optional)
Gigantic 20 MB personal website
Includes 200 hours of additional access priority**

Only $7.00 per month

Historical Plans
These plans are still available if you have special Internet Access needs - please call us.

Historical Plan Pricing

Standard + 30
Up to 2 e-mail addresses
30 hours of additional access priority**

Only $3.00 per month

Telecommute 24 / 7
Perfect for businesses that cannot get DSL service

Only $45.95 per month


Only $28.90 per month

128K ISDN Telecommute

Only $69.95 per month

Interested in DSL?

Click here for DSL Pricing


DSL Availability (in the Twin Cities, MN)

Telephone & Internet Services
Residential & Business
(in MN)


  • Domain Registration and administration free.   Webserver and email hosting is $25/mo.  Domain names cost $35/yr, fee goes to the InterNic.

  • If you do not need both Web and email you can pick what you need:

  • Website Hosting for a domain name - up to 50,000 hits or 2 gig data trasnfer per month (your own separate webserver) Huge 20 meg storage space.


  • Mail Server for your domain (your own separate mailserver - no name sharing with other groups) Unlimited mail size and transfer.   Free optional spam filter.

    1st mailbox free, others free with access plans or $1/mo each.

  • No Setup Fees, No Admin Fees

  • Domain Names: NIC registration fee ($35 / yr)  

  • To order click here for more info.


  • Information and Pricing -

  • Pricing is subject to change, This website may not always be completely up-to-date or error free..

  • All billing is 6 month prepay by check or credit card.