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Heaviest User Options

If you are one of the heaviest users of the Internet then USFamily.Net still has many options available for you.
These options cover only the Twin Cities MN.

  1. Get Dedicated instead of shared Internet service.

  2. If dedicated service is not available try our Premium Shared service.
    If you are only 2-4 times heavier usage than a typical user this will work fine.

  3. If your are too heavy a user for shared service, and money is not an object (mostly business customers) then get our semi-dedicated dialup service for $69.95/mo.

  4. The last option available to Premium users is to use our National Pool instead of our normal priority pool.  Our national pool is not a priority system and therefor there are no interruptions, however busy signals are possible although uncommon at present.  This service is similar to all other Internet providers.
    Our National pool numbers in the twin cities are
    763-205-0005  or
    Our local national pool is available to premium 15.99 users along with all cities in our national pool.
    You must add our "realm name" to your username when connecting.
    User usf-1234-12 must be entered as
    (this also works in our regular pools).

National Pool Rules

Our national pool is a shared, contracted service, used by many   (perhaps even most) large ISPs throughout the country.  Because the supplier does not have access to technology such as our patented priority system they control abuse of  the "shared dialup"  environment in a different way.  They have an "abuse detection system".  This abuse detection system automatically and permanently terminates accounts if a user:

- sends SPAM
- simultaneously connects more than one computer
- maintains continuous connections

If an abuse is detected that account is terminated permanently and the user must call us for an entirely new account.  There is an additional $10 registration fee if this happens and more than one abuse in 6 months results in permanent termination.  We have no control over these rules or the abuse detection system of the national supplier.

To avoid being classified as a "continuous connection" (which is against the contract for all ISPs and requires dedicated Internet service) make sure no session is over 4 hours without hanging up for 15 minuts before dialing in again.

We have found very few users to have trouble with the abuse detection system.