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Minnesota Dial-Up Pricing & Information

Please review the following information about plans available in your area. If you are interested in signing up for one of these plans, please:

Request our FREE start-up kit and information by mail

Sign-up for a plan and download online

Please note - downloading our internet service from a dial-up connection may take up to 30 minutes. Please request a start-up kit if you do not want to wait for the download.

Unlimited Dial-Up Internet Access

Subscription Pricing Options

FREE Trial Month
FREE Live Telephone Support
FREE E-mail SPAM Filter
FREE E-mail Address
FREE Instant Messaging

No busy signals due to our Patented Priority System**
Unlimited E-mail Usage (with USFamily.Net tagline)

Internet access available from one workstation (computer) at one location

Annual Prepayment
One Payment of $131.88 (only $10.99 per month)
No Annual Administration Fees

Semi-Annual Prepayment
One Payment of $71.94 (only $11.99 per month)
$10 Administration Fee*

Monthly Prepayment
One payment monthly (only $14.99 per month)
$10 Administration Fee*

Optional Feature Upgrades

Optional Feature Pricing

Enhances the speed of your Dial-Up Connection
Surf up to 5X faster than regular dial-up
No additional equipment or software

Only $3.00 per month


E-mail Only Account - Standard
Even if you have Internet Access through an alternative provider (i.e. cable, DSL, business, etc.) you can still have ALL of the advantages of USFamily.Net e-mail and advanced SPAM filtering. Get 1 USFamily.Net E-mail address and place FREE classified ads on USFamily Mall and receive our FREE e-newsletter.

Only $1.99 per month
Billed Annually

E-mail Only Account - Deluxe
Get the same great benefits of the standard E-mail Only Account, but get up to 5 e-mail addresses with SPAM filtering and virus scanning.  You also get an emergency dial-up kit, providing you 10 hours of local access per month, and a FREE personal website (up to 10 MB).

Only $3.99 per month
Billed Annually

Vanity E-mail Account
Yes any available domain name for free - i.e. or  Your requested domain name must be available but you can have any available name you like ending with the common extensions (com, org, net, us).  Unlimited E-mail with advanced SPAM filtering.  Vanity E-mail accounts have an annual 12 month contract with the option to purchase the domain name if you ever want to move it.  We also have optional web hosting: $8.99/mo. for personal or not for profit.  Any additional mailboxes are only $1.00/month.
Only $2.69 per month
Billed Annually

Two City Internet Access
Need Internet Access from home and a second location, like a cabin or summer home? With our Two-City plan, you can get all the benefits of our Unlimited Dial-Up from two locations
Click Here to see a list of available access cities.

Only $3.00 per month

Professional Dial-Up Access
If you use the Internet near constantly, you should consider this semi-dedicated access option to avoid peak period service interruptions. Our Professional Access plan includes
Unlimited Internet Access in MN
Up to 5 e-mail addresses
Unlimited e-mail usage (USFamily.Net tagline optional)
Gigantic 20 MB personal website
Includes 200 hours of additional access priority**

Only $7.00 per month

Historical Plans
These plans are still available if you have special Internet Access needs - please call us.

Historical Plan Pricing

Standard + 30
Up to 2 e-mail addresses
30 hours of additional access priority**

Only $3.00 per month

Telecommute 24 / 7
Perfect for businesses that cannot get DSL service

Only $45.95 per month


Only $28.90 per month

128K ISDN Telecommute

Only $69.95 per month

Interested in DSL?

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  • Domain administration free.   Webserver and e-mail hosting is $25/mo.  Domain Name Registration costs $35 / year, fee goes to the InterNic.

  • If you do not need both web and e-mail hosting, you can choose one or the other:

Website Hosting

  • 20 MB space

  • 2 GB traffic

  • 50,000 hits

  • $20 / month

E-mail Hosting

  • Unlimited mail size and transfer. FREE SPAM filtering (on by default)

  • 1st mailbox is FREE, others are $1 / month

  • No set-up fees, no admin fees

  • $5 / month

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  • Information and Pricing -

  • Pricing is subject to change, This website may not always be completely up-to-date or error free.

**For complete details regarding our patented priority system, click here