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Change USFamily.Net National Pools to the new $8.99 pool

To check for $8.99 National Service plans in your city Click Here.  $8.99 is not available in every city.

For information on our new $8.99 National Pool Click Here.

The new $8.99 national pool is very similar to our old $13.99 national pool, in fact many of the numbers may be identical.  There are some minor plan differences.  Most, but not every city is available at $8.99 and the new $8.99 pool has a hard 150 hour limit.  This is not a significant change because the fraud detection system on the old usf-i pool essentially prevented reaching that limit.   The $8.99 plan is for a single city, we also have 2-city, and traveling accounts.

Changing from the 13.99 usf-i pool to the $8.99 "" pool

  • The change will not take place until midnight on the last day of any calendar month

  • The first opportunity to change is June 1, 2003

  • You must verify we have a local phone number for your city Click Here.  Please write down this number.  Please dial this number on your handset to verify  that it answers and is a local call.  If there is no number available for your city the 8.99 plan is not available to you. We will continue our existing 13.99 network for those users.

  • The end of your username ("the realm") will change from to
    You must make this change in your dialer before you can access the new number on the 1st of the month.

  • You must update the number you are dialing on the 1st of the month with the number you tested and wrote down.

  • You may change to the $8.99 pool  immediately by paying the registration fee.  There is no fee to change at the end of any month.

  • Your USFamily.Net account will automatically be extended to accommodate your savings on the new $8.99 network.  This means your next billing date will be extended by $5 for each remaining month at $13.99.

  • If you have verified the number for your city you can request the change here with your username and password.

Request Change from $13.99 to $8.99 network

Enter your USFamily.Net account (usf-xxx-xx or

Enter your USFamily.Net account password (we provided this password, not your email password).

Enter your email address in case we need to contact you.