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Internet Call Waiting, Online Caller ID, and Voicemail all in one!
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With In Touch Call Manager you can control all of your incoming calls with the click of a mouse.

You no longer have to choose between using the phone or surfing the Web. Now you can eliminate busy signals, missed calls, and frustrated friends and family members who are trying to call you while you're online. With In Touch Call Manager, you can stay connected with a complete Internet call management solution.

Take control of incoming calls with In Touch Call Manager while you're online.

Stay In Touch While You're On Line

  • Instantly know when someone is calling with a pop-up call alert on your computer screen.
  • Online caller ID provides detailed caller information including name and telephone number.
  • Screen all incoming calls right from your computer.
  • Never miss a call by turning your computer into an online answering machine.
  • Listen to your messages with online voicemail.
  • Access a list of all the calls received while you were online.

Take Control & Manage Your Incoming Calls

  • Choose to answer calls, transfer calls, ignore calls, play a response or take a message.
  • Send caller to voicemail and play them a pre-recorded greeting.
  • Maximize your privacy and block telemarketers and other unwanted callers.
  • Handle calls from specific callers, or all callers, automatically if you choose. Perfect for when you step away from your computer and don't want to miss an important call or be disturbed.

Save Money

  • Eliminate the need for other caller ID, voicemail and call waiting services.
  • No need for a second phone line or high-speed Internet connection.

Reliability You Can Trust

  • Proven dependability you expect from a USFamily.Net service.
  • FREE, live telephone support from trained professionals.