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USFamily.Net Trial

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How long is your trial and why do I have to register?
**** Minnesota Dialup customers are welcome to use our full month trial to evaluate our service.   The trial automatically starts the first day you connect to our service. There is a lifetime limit of one trial per household. To prevent constant abuse of our generous offer we require that your register your account with name and address.  If you chose not to continue with our service for some reason, just call and cancel before the end of your free trial.
If you forget to register the trial will end in just a few days and you just need to call and have the account enabled so you can get registered and continue the trial.  If you are hesitant to enter your credit card during your trial, just select "pay by check" and click update "my account" later to add your credit card info.

**** National Dialup customers receive a free week trial.  The trial automatically starts the first day you connect to our service and you must register to receive the full trial.  There is greater abuse of our free offer online and nationally.   To receive a free trial online, or for our nationwide service, you may be required to enter a creditcard immediately during registration or to call to verify your identity.

Your username/password label contains an expiration date, this has nothing to do with your trial period. It is merely the date upon which that username becomes obsolete if it is never used.

We do not offer trials for DSL or other services.