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Stuck Email Message (I receive it over and over)

Something is wrong and I keep receiving the same email message over and over again and nothing else.

**** You can receive an email over and over again for a couple different reasons.
1. If your computer will not finish downloading a specific Email  it will start over every time you check email.  This can happen for a variety of reasons:

To stop these problems  (Or perhaps Find Missing Emails on you PC)

1 Compress your folders to fix any corrupted folders
In Outlook Express
Click File
Click Folders
Click Compress Folders

2. Delete the offending (generally big) email using webmail.
go to http://webmail.usfamily.net/cgi-bin/webmail.cgi
enter your email address and
enter your email password
click login
click the check mark in front of the offending email
click the image of the RED X to delete that offending email

3. Check your email normally.