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2004 Pricing Updates (effective 1/20/2004)

USFamily.Net remains committed to providing you with low prices for internet access.

We are pleased to offer a wonderful way to save additional money this year:

Subscribe to a 12 month plan:

Only $99 per year ($8.25 per month)
options like surfxccelerator are extra.

Pay NO annual administration fees

Our current payment plans for regular accounts are:

Annual Subscription:

One payment of $99 (only $8.25 per month)

No annual administration fee

Semi-Annual Subscription:

One payment of $ $53.94 (only $8.99 per month)

No registration fee*

$10 Annual administration fee**

Monthly Subscription:

Monthly payment of $11.99 per month

No registration fee*

$10 Annual administration fee**


*Registration fee: As of January 20, 2004 USFamily.Net is no longer charging a $15.00 registration fee when setting up a new account

**Due to rising costs of maintaining appropriate levels of network virus protection and security measures for all of our accounts, USFamily.Net has determined that rather than raise our monthly rates, we would amortize these costs among all accounts on an annual basis. For $10 annually (less than 3 cents per day) USFamily.Net will continue to offer exceptional network defense, virus notifications and other security measures.

We do allow all of our users an option to avoid paying this annual administration fee by simply signing up for annual subscriptions. As a 12 month subscriber, you pay no additional fees and actually pay only $8.25 per month. This incentive is offered as a result of utilizing the prepayments of these subscriptions to finance much of our administrative costs.

The new $99 pricing applies to the "Regular+0 and Regular-National" accounts.  Most other Plans typically have a $8.88/yr   discount for annual service.   12+1 and 24+2 accounts will automatically renew with the 2004 annual pricing on your aniversary.

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Thank you for using USFamily.Net.