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Check Fee

Why is there a $4 cash or check fee? My checks are good.
****  Many of our high priced competitors no longer accept checks at all but we will
continue to offer it as a service for those who wish to pay for it.  You may also avoid a check fee by simply paying for 12 months instead of 6 or by using a debit card.
Our standard billing is 6 months by credit card. For any shorter time period there is a billing fee. There is also a fee for cash or checks.  There is never more than one $4 fee for any billing period.

We are an electronic company and most users pay electronically.  We can process over 10,000 creditcards per hour without staff however checks or cash are prone to dozens of problems that require significant staff to resolve.  These staff members wish to receive a salary and it is the basis of our system not to spread costs of one group onto another group.  Our profit margin is deliberately kept so low we cannot absorb these costs for these users.   To update your account click here.

Monthly Billing

Can I pay monthly instead of 6 or 12 months at a time?

****  Yes we offer a monthly billing service but it adds $4/mo to your cost.   You may pay by cash or check for no additional cost.