System Requirements - Complete Details

Supported Protocols for Email Protection

  • POP3 (Incoming only) — available in all ZoneAlarm products
  • SMTP (Outgoing only) — available in all ZoneAlarm products except free ZoneAlarm
  • HTTP (Junk email filtering in conjunction with Outlook or Outlook Express) — available in ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite only
  • IMAP4 (Incoming only) - IMAP4 is not supported for virus scanning of email. — available only with ZoneAlarm Antivirus and ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

Support Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 SP1, 6.0 SP2
  • Netscape Navigator 7.2, 8.0 Beta
  • FireFox 1.00 and higher
  • MSN Explorer 6.0 and higher
  • AOL 9.0

Compatible IM Clients

  • MSN 6.2.0205 and higher
  • Windows Messenger and higher
  • Yahoo! IM 5.5.1226 and higher
  • Yahoo! Japan IM* and higher
  • AOL IM 5.2.3292 and higher
  • ICQ Pro 2003b and higher
  • ICQ Lite 5.0 and higher
  • Trillian (/MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ) 0.74i and higher
  • Trillian Pro (/MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ) 1.0 and higher
  • GAIM (/MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ) 0.74 and higher
  • Miranda (MSN/YIM/ICQ) 0.3.2 and higher

* - Japan Yahoo IM does not work with non-Japan Yahoo's ID because it uses a different process: "YPagerJ.exe"

Operating Systems Support

It is Zone Labs' policy to extend protection to customers of all Microsoft Windows operating systems as long as the following conditions apply:

  1. The operating system itself is still supported by its creating company (Microsoft) with automatic and proactive security updates to protect customers against the latest security vulnerabilities.
  2. The operating system can technically support the Zone Labs software without negatively effecting the users security.

When these above criteria are not met, we will, at the sole discretion of Zone Labs, L.L.C., discontinue support of the operating system. We will make every attempt to give prior notice to customers before discontinuing support for an operating system.

Current Operating System Support Information:

Operating system Zone Labs End-of-Life Status
Windows 98se/ME Limited support
All ZoneAlarm family products currently run on the Windows 98 se/ME operating system. However, there are a few new and advanced protection features in ZoneAlarm products that do not run on this operating system due to technical limitations of this operating system. Furthermore, Microsoft has stopped automatic/proactive updates of this operating system and plans to end support entirely in early 2006. Zone Labs strongly recommends upgrading to a more current and supported version of Windows operating system.
Windows 2000 Fully supported
All currently shipping ZoneAlarm products will run without limitation on the Windows 2000 operating system.
Windows XP Fully supported
All currently shipping ZoneAlarm products will run without limitation on the Windows XP operating system.

* - Windows 95 is no longer supported

FAQ for Zone Labs End-of-Life Policy

Why does Zone Labs have a policy to end support for operating systems?

This policy is in place for several reasons:

  1. Older operating systems, even when still supported by the creating company, often have technical limitations that make it impossible to properly protect our customers using new and advanced ZoneAlarm technology.
  2. When the creating company stops fixing the new "holes" discovered by hackers in its operating system, customers are much more vulnerable to attack.
  3. Zone Labs strongly encourages its customers to adhere to a "best practices" approach to security, where each best practice that's upheld makes the customer much less likely to fall victim to attack; and every best practice ignored makes the customer much more vulnerable. Keeping software, including the operating system, up-to-date with the latest security patches is an essential best practice.

What if I have a current update/support subscription for a ZoneAlarm product when you cut support for my operating system?

If you purchased a product or product service extension during the period when your operating system was listed under the Zone Labs end-of-life section; and that policy was clearly posted online; and support for your operating system was not listed in the system requirements section; we will not provide you a refund for your purchase But we encourage you to upgrade your operating system to a safe, supported system and continue to use your current ZoneAlarm product.

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